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Equipment leasing for  concrete projection  
wet dense flow - BP 401 DUXBB.

BP 401 Dux.jpg
BP 401 Dux_edited.jpg
  • Maximum Theoretical Yield 33 m³/h

  • Maximum Pressure in Theoretical Concrete 75 bar

  • Hydraulic oil tank capacity 80 l

  • Maximum horizontal pumping distance 360 m

  • Maximum vertical pumping distance 100 m

  • Minimum diameter of transport pipe 75 mm

  • Maximum aggregate size 25 mm

  • Drive Motor 75 hp MBB - Mod OM 364

  • Transport Cylinder (Dia.x Stroke) 180 x 630 mm

  • Hydraulic Differential Cylinder 90 x 55 mm

  • Transport Cylinder Volume 32 l

  • Number of Pumping Cycles per minute 35

  • Agitator height and capacity 1.4 m x 320 lt

  • Maximum hydraulic pressure 300 BAR

  • Rock Concrete Valve 150/165/135

  • Standard Suspension System - Towable Bundle Springs

  • Engine Power 37 KW

  • Width 2100 mm

  • Height 1900 mm

  • Length 4200mm

  • Approximate weight 3,500 kg

Increase your production and reduce costs, we have smart solutions for your work.


Machine leasing   for concrete projection has technological innovations and enables  gains in productivity and efficiency in high operational performance, great ease of operation, low cost.


It is with this commitment that we offer throughout the national territory, rental of Concrete Projection machines.


Our machines offer horizontal and vertical reach and maximum performance in pumping speed and power.


We are a leader in the leasing of machines for concrete projection, enGet in touch to make an estimate.

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