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Equipment leasing  for  concrete projection  

wet dense flow.

Dux Brasil is an innovative company present in the market since 2011, operating in the equipment leasing business, always serving our customers with excellence and guaranteeing the quality of service.

It is always developing and looking for the best de  equipment on the marketconcrete projection wet dense flow or refractory. We are recognized e  referenced as "Lease Specialist"  of this equipment.

We follow all safety standards and have equipment documentation in accordance with NR 12 to meet market demand.We have a team of highly professionalqualified and trained


Meet our customers' demands, offering the best solutions  for equipment leasing, with  quality, respecting the environment and social responsibility.



To be recognized for solving the needs of customers in the leasing of machines for underground works and concrete projection in Brazil, for pioneering spirit, innovation, quality and development.




  • Partnership: with customers, employees and suppliers.

  • Commitment: Worrying about customer satisfaction,   looking for new solutions and improvement (continuous improvement).

  • Flexibility: Be open to changes (clients and markets) and the needs of market innovations.

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