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Lease of Truck with Articulated Platform.

Leasing a truck with an articulated platform to carry out various services, we serve  Brazil level.

  • Drilling in tunnels.

  • Works in road and railway tunnels.

  • Works in underground mines.

  • Installation and maintenance of traffic lights, signals, light fixtures, panels.

  • Work on service station fronts, stores and other segments.

  • Works in civil construction works.


Truck Data

  • Mercedes Benz LK 2214/36

  • Axle and drive: 6x 4

  • Diesel engine


Platform Pantographic

  • KPP 60

  • Height up to 6 meters

  • Capacity up to 1,500 kg

  • Buttons for lifting and lowering the platform.


  • Height xxxx mm

  • Width xxx mm

  • Length xxx mm

  • Weight xxxx kg

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