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Leasing of machines for concrete application  

refractory by wet spraying.

The refractory concrete projection machine allows a dosage of different aggregates for different purposes such as refractory concrete, projected mortar, cement grout injections, micro pile, consolidating walls, rocks, mining tunnels and others._cc781905-5cde-3194 -bb3b-136bad5cf58d_

The system makes it possible to increase the productivity of the work, with the guarantee of the resistance and physical properties of the materials. In addition, it is possible to reach a productivity of up to 2.5m3/hour.

This is possible since the aggregates can be pre-selected and mixed in an appropriate place, being packed in “bags” for transport to the work site.

The water is added to the pump along with the “bags” and its dosage is electronically controlled, in order to guarantee the correct A/C ratio. And the mixing capacity of the machine is 490 liters of concrete per operation.

It is important to emphasize that the entire process is automated, from the preparation of aggregates to projection. The “bags” are lifted using a munck,  the concrete is placed and vibrated in the trough by the device itself, without any manual contact, and the addition of water is controlled on the control panel.

The main features are:
•  High mechanical resistance.
• The most perfect resistance to sudden temperature variations.
• Minimal dilations and retractions.
• Easy handling, does not require specialized labor.


  •  Used for insulating and thermal coating of thin layers in furnaces  with small to medium sizes.

  • Cement grout injection.

  • mortar injection

  • Projection of refractory concrete by wet process.

Bomba de Projeção de Concreto Refratária.
  • Rental of equipment for application of refractory concrete by wet spraying 

  • Length: 6.60 m

  • Width: 2.60 m

  • Height: 2.50 m

  • Mixing and projection capacity: 5m³/h

  • Capacity without mixing and spraying: 14 m³/h

  • Weight: 1.7 ton

  • Ratio System: Diesel

  • Consumption: 25 liters per hour


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