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Robot rental  for  concrete projection  

wet dense flow.

     DUX SKILLY EREE/2018.

Streamline your production and accelerate your schedule by renting  our concrete projection robot.

The Dux Hábil EREE/2018 is  a stationary, towable, loadable and electric equipment.

Performs wet shotcrete applications  quickly and efficiently in rough terrain, in shaft applications, in stair tunnels and in the parts of underground mines that are difficult to access and on slopes highly inclined.

We set up the configuration according to the needs of the work and reach of the section for spraying concrete.

In the complete configuration, we offer the electric projection robot that  is already coupled with the   additive pump, platform truck reaching up to 12 meters, diesel or electric concrete pump in the system dense flow piston, compressor, generator e hoses.


Technical specifications :

  • Length (mm) 4100

  • Width (mm) 1800

  • Height (mm) 1980

  • Wheel Dimensions (inches) 7.50 - 16

  • Engine power (kW) 7.5

  • Working voltage (V) 24

  • System pressure (bar) 180

  • Hydraulic oil tank (L) 50

  • Vertical Reach Distance (m) 8

  • Rotation Angle (º) 360

  • Weight (kg) 1600

2 x 2 Concrete Projecting Robot Lease :

  • Telescopic projection arm with maximum vertical reach of up to 8m.

  • Telescopic projection arm with maximum vertical reach up to 12m on board.

  • Performs shaft applications from 360​​°, up to 16 m in diameter.

  • Piston concrete pump with a projection capacity of 16m³/h, 21m³/h up to 35m³/h with automatic lubrication system.

  • Diesel pumping drive system and electric projection.

  • Additive pump system synchronized and embedded with the robot.

  • Brake system, headlights and navigation lights

  • Cable/wireless/radio remote control system.

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